How to feed your sales engine with qualified B2B sales leads?

Feeding your sales engine with a steady flow of qualified B2B sales leads is one of the vital ingredients of success. But how?

Let us first look at some of the effective B2B lead generation methods that are widely used by B2B marketers – Inside sales, Telemarketing, Email marketing, Tradeshows, Conferences, Webinars, Websites, Search marketing, Social media.

Do you really need to employ all of the above methods for your business or is there a B2B lead generation formula that works like magic? The answer is a big NO. The fact is there is no “one size fits all” solution. You got to experiment and figure out what works best for your business.

Once you set the things right doesn’t mean that you can go on with it for life. What works for you today might not work after a year. So you got to continuously experiment on various things to stay afloat and move forward which eventually takes a lot of your time and resources. This is where a B2B lead generation software such as LeadGrabber can be handy.

LeadGrabber helps you to generate qualified sales leads from the Internet in no time. It helps you build fresh B2B sales leads lists along with contact information such as name, job title, company, email, phone number, address, website, etc. based on the industry, domain, location, etc.

LeadGrabber helps you feed your sales engine with qualified B2B sales leads. It also helps you to append missing email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts and find decision makers in a company.

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Why every Recruiter should have this Passive-Candidate Recruiting Tool?

Recruiters strive to source and place more candidates in the least amount of time with minimum resources. But that remains an elusive goal for the majority, because the traditional ‘reactive sourcing’ strategy doesn’t allow them to accomplish as much as they would like.

Experts suggest that in order to be successful you got to adopt the proactive sourcing strategy. It involves a lot of changes and challenges as well. You got to change the way you work, revisit your processes and create a solid recruitment plan based on the number of hires you want to make, the industry/domain/skill set, location and how hard or easy it is easy to fill.

Once you have answers for these questions, you must then devise a strategy to search candidates and build a candidate pipeline. You can manually search candidates from the Internet, social networking sites, job boards and other sources but it is a time-consuming and tiresome task. You end up losing most of your productive time searching candidates. Employing additional resources doesn’t offer much help either. This is why every recruiter should have a passive-candidate recruiting tool such as ResumeGrabber JobSuite.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite is a passive candidate recruiting tool that helps you to source and place more candidates in the least amount of time and with minimal resources. You can source and import resumes from almost any source on the Internet and you can build your candidate pipeline in no time.

ResumeGrabber JobSuite helps you to import resumes from networking sites, search engines, job boards, PC folders and Outlook Email folders as well.

What’s more, you can find missing email and phone numbers of your candidates and reach them instantly.  

Download ResumeGrabber JobSuite today and try it yourself


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How to Update your B2B Marketing Database in no Time?

A complete and up-to-date prospect / customer database is always a great asset and a goldmine for any business. It definitely helps you to grow your business without having to rely on new leads.

However, a recent study suggests that a staggering 84% of the marketing databases are barely functional. The study also suggests that 88% of the data did not have the basic information such as industry, company revenue & number of employees, and 64% of the records did not have the phone numbers.

The results clearly indicate that an incomplete B2B marketing database can severely impair your lead segmentation efforts, cause email deliverability issues and prevent you from reaching your prospects over phone. It adversely affects all your B2B marketing campaigns and you end up losing your precious time and money. This is where a B2B lead research software such as LeadResearcher Pro can be handy.

LeadResearcher helps you to update your B2B marketing database in no time by appending missing prospect / customer information in your CRM. All you need to do is just import the list into LeadResearcher and append the missing B2B marketing data that is vital for effective lead segmentation and append up-to-date business email IDs & business phone numbers of your prospects.

LeadResearcher helps you save a lot of time, spend more time with your prospects, improve sales conversions and increase your revenues.

Download the fully functional trial version of LeadResearcher and try it yourself.

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Strategy for Sales Prospecting Pipeline to Gain Profit

Enterprise selling in the 21 Century – using deep research, social selling skills & empowerment of sales staff to drive revenue


In this webinar Ivor Kellock explains & demonstrates the importance of connecting your prospecting with pipeline building that leads to more closed deals & profit!


Research shows that 57% of the sales process is already completed before a company even calls a sales rep!. When do you get the call?

Ivor demonstrates some basic social selling skills & introduces a key tool in this process eGrabber LeadGrabber Pro for enterprise social sales prospecting that quickly builds pipeline.

view webinar

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Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn (LIVE!)

Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn - Neil Lebovits

Neil Lebovits, industry guru and executive, is the founder of The Dynamic Sale.

He teaches Owners / Managers of Recruiting firms, the secrets & systems that he has developed and harnessed while working himself up over his 20+ years in the industry. Neil was a successful Global President on the Global Executive Team of the world’s largest Staffing & Recruiting Firm during the recession times.

What you will learn in this Webinar:

1) The top fatal mistakes owners make with LinkedInLinkedin Extreme Mastery
2) Top secrets of the LinkedIn Ranking Algorithm to get you to show in the top results
3) What you don't know about keywords on your profile
4) How you can maximize your visibility creating LinkedIn groups the right way
5) How to identify niche target markets though LinkedIn Groups

We will also be giving away a Prospecting software for LinkedIn and other social networks.

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